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Adding Tradebot to your Wix website

Tradebot is designed to work with the majority of platforms and website builders, including Wix. 

Adding Tradebot to your Wix site is simple...

Step 1: Copy the Javascript code from the Tradebot bot builderStep 2: Add HTML iFrame/Embed

A) Open Wix site editor

B) Click on 'Add Apps' in the side bar menu

C) Search for HTML

D) Select 'HTML iFrame/Embed'

E) Click '+Add To Site'

Step 2: Add Tradebot code snippet

A) Drag the HTML iFrame/Embed to the section of your site you would like to place Tradebot

B) Click on 'Enter Code' above the grey code placeholder

C) Paste the Tradebot code snipper into the HTML iFrame pop out window

D) Click 'Apply'

E) Close HTML iFrame pop out window

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