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Personalising My Bot

Chatbots can be great, but unless you have the budget, time or team to build one from scratch, they can be pretty frustrating. We should know...


Tradebot is built to help professional Tradesmen enjoy the benefits of chatbots (namely getting more conversions from your website, better quality leads, and time saving at the new business stage), but without all the BS that can be associated with building them. 

To help you get the most out of your Tradebot, you can customise a number of key elements of the conversation.

Your Business Name

Welcome visitors to your website, and to your Tradebot with a your branded welcome message. In the first field of Account Details you can add the business name you would like the bot to use.

Your Business Services

People who visit your site are looking for a service you provide, and as people actually prefer a limited choice of options, you can customize Tradebot to offer the main services you provides. 

In the Bot Customization section, you can add up to 5 services which will be presented as options for the client to the select, and there will be a 6th 'Other' option also available in the bot.

Client Contact Details

Also in the Bot Customization section of the bot builder, you can choose which of your leads contact details you need them to share. If the bot user does not provide these details the chat will not continue, as such, we recommend that email collection is mandatory, and phone collection is optional

We have a constant stream of new features coming, and if you have any suggestions for features, or would like to get a quote for a custom bot, drop us a line: