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Tradebot URL/Link Share

With our URL share feature, you can use Tradebot on your email, by text and across a range of messaging apps.  With most people having smart phones, the Tradebot link will open in an web browser in there phone -handy that!

When you add the Tradebot URL to your emails' auto reply feature, or set it up as a dedicated quick response in your text message settings, your bot will help you convert more leads on those channels, creating a better customer experience and helping you get on with the job.

Step 1: Copy your unique Tradebot URL from the bot build platform.

Step 2: Add the Tradebot URL to your email auto replies.

Just click the links below for step by step instructions on how to set these up.

Gmail/G Suite


Step 3: Set up SMS quick replies.

There's a lot of different messaging apps out there, but if you're tired of getting interrupted while you're at work we suggest you set up a SMS quick reply with the Tradebot link.

If you want more automation, you can add the Tradebot URL as a pre-set reply to the SMS Auto Reply app in Google Play, or the WhatsApp Auto Responder. You can also set up auto respond as a feature in Android Auto as well!