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Website Exit Intent

Leadcatcher by Tradebot's Exit Intent feature is a simple system that detects when a visitor is about to bounce from your site and launches a chat with them.  It's lightweight and dependency-free with rules that you can adjust to personalise what actions will cause this feature to launch. It works in a fashion similar to higher cost products and is built using Bounceback.js.



The Site Exit Intent feature is pre-set with default values which to create the best experience for you and your website visitors. This feature is automatically activated when you install your Leadcatcher bot, you can this the site exit launcher off, or on, from the DASHBOARD home page, or in the SITE EXIT page. In both pages, when the switch is set to the right-hand position and the background colour is visible (not grey), the feature is active.




Maximum Display

Default: 1

The maximum number of times the dialog may be shown on a page, or 0 for unlimited. Only applicable on desktop browsers.

Trigger Area (AKA distance)

Default: 100

The minimum distance in pixels from the top of the page to consider triggering for.

Exit Detection Method

Default: auto

The bounce detection method.


"auto": Automatically picks a method based on the device type. mouse is used for desktop browsers and history for mobile.

"mouse": This detects bounces based on the mouse's direction, velocity and distance from the top of the page.

"history": This method uses the HTML5 History APIs (or hashes when in an older browser) to duplicate the page in the history. Then when the visitor clicks to go back Bounceback detects the navigation and shows the dialog. This method is almost foolproof, but could annoy some users. It works best for mobile browsers.

Site Activity Trigger (AKA sensitivity)

Default: 10

The minimum distance the mouse has to have moved in the last 10 mouse events for the Exit Intent pop-up to be triggered.

Return Visitor Pausing (AKA cookieLife)

Default: 365

The cookie (when localStorage isn't available) expiry age, in days.

Return Visitor Pausing (AKA scrollDelay)

Default: 500

The amount of time in milliseconds that bounce events should be ignored for after scrolling, or 0 to disable.

This is necessary for the case when a user is scrolling and their mouse overshoots the page. As soon as scrolling stops a mouseout event is fired incorrectly triggering a bounce event.

Because of this the Exit Intent feature waits a small amount of time after the last scroll event before re-enabling bounce detection.

In-Site Browsing Pausing (AKA checkReferrer)

Default: true

Whether or not to check the referring page to see if it's on the same domain and this isn't the first pageview.

Visitor Activity (AKA aggressivity)

Default: false

This controls whether or not the bounce dialog should be shown on every page view or only on the user's first.